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Royal Free NHSFT v AB [2014] EWCOP 50, [2014] MHLO 127

"The Trust seeks three declarations that: (a) AB lacks capacity to consent to medical treatment, including to a Caesarean Section; (b) AB lacks capacity to monitor and regulate her own intake of food and/or drink; (c) AB lacks capacity to decide whether to comply with her regime of diabetic medication."


Until the story and the transcript were matched up, this case (with a press link) was on MHLO as Re P (Caesarian - Royal Free) [2014] MHLO 2 (COP).

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Patrick Sawer, 'Judge orders mentally ill woman to have forced caesarean' (Telegraph, 1/2/14)† The press has reported this case as follows: Hayden J decided that it was in the best interests of a pregnant woman, who suffered from schizophrenia, to have a caesarian at 32 weeks in order for her life-threatening condition to be treated, although she was not to be restrained or have force used against her.