Rokkan v Rokkan [2021] EWHC 481 (Ch)

Norwegian probate case This Chancery case discussed MCA 2005 sch 2 para 8. The preliminary issues decided were: (1) Whether the Defendants are subject to any obligation, enforceable in England and Wales, to distribute the estate of the Deceased pursuant to the principles of the Norwegian law of deferred probate; (2) Whether, on the assumption that the Deceased lacked capacity to manage her property and affairs at the relevant time, the transfers from the Den Norske Bank in Bergen to the Lloyds Bank in England caused the specific legacy at clause 5 of the Deceased's will, executed on 11 September 2012, to fail.


Full judgment: BAILII


Date: 4/3/21🔍

Court: High Court (Chancery Division)🔍



  • Per Bendik Rokkan🔍
  • Siriol Kjersti Rokkan🔍
  • Llywela Vernon Harris🔍

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