Re Whitbread (No 1) (Habeas Corpus: Compulsory Admission) [1997] EWHC Admin 102

The ASW's [now AMHP's] consultation with the nearest relative under s11(4) can take place before a full assessment of the patient for the purposes of s3 has taken place, including before the two necessary medical recommendations have been obtained; the Act allowed for a flexible approach.

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4th February, 1997

Before Forbes J

MR K GLEDHILL and MRS S PONTAC (appeared for judgment only) (instructed by Messrs Anthony Stokes, Kingston-upon-Thames) appeared on behalf of the Applicant.

MR C LEWIS (instructed by the Legal Department, London Borough of Richmond) appeared on behalf of the First Respondent.

MR T CROXFORD (instructed by the Hospital Managers, Tolworth) appeared for the Second Respondent.

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