Re VT (minimally conscious state): An NHS Foundation Trust v VT [2013] EWHC B26 (Fam), [2013] MHLO 99 (COP)

The Trust obtained a declaration covering a decision not to provide intensive care or resusistation in specified circumstances.

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Press Association, 'Family of devout Muslim in minimally conscious state lose right-to-life case' (Guardian, 13/11/13)† Extract from press article: "The family of an elderly devout Muslim who is in a minimally conscious state have lost their legal bid to prolong his life. They argued that the 72-year-old man, who can be identified only as VT, would regard his suffering as bringing him closer to God. The family contested an application by an NHS Trust that it was not in VT's best interests for him to be given intensive resuscitation or be admitted to intensive care if his condition deteriorated. ... Granting the application, he said that bag and mask resuscitation was excluded from the declaration sought, but CPR was not in VT's best interests, and to require staff to treat him in intensive care would be entirely futile."