Re SK [2012] EWHC 1990 (COP), [2012] MHLO 98

"This is an application by the parties to certain Queen's Bench personal injury proceedings who seek in effect to be joined in these Court of Protection proceedings. The subject of both sets of proceedings is SK, a mentally incapacitated adult aged 55. The issue which arises one way or another in both sets of proceedings is as to his care, accommodation and rehabilitation. The two applicants for joinder to these proceedings are (a) CK, aged 52, brother of SK and (b) GA Group PLC, a bus company whose bus struck SK in November 2008, causing him severe lasting brain and physical injuries. That company is the defendant in the Queen's Bench proceedings."

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Date: 9/7/12

Before: Bodey J

For the Council: Miss Victoria Butler-Cole

For the 1st Respondent (SK, by his Litigation Friend, the Official Solicitor): Mr David Lock QC and Mr Joseph O'Brien

For the 2nd Respondent, JK: Mr Andrew Bagchi

The Primary Care Trust was not represented.

For the 1st Applicant for Joinder, CK, brother of SK: Mr Conrad Hallin

For the 2nd Applicant for Joinder ('the QB defendant'): Miss Fenella Morris QC.

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