Re E [2020] MHLO 52 (FTT)

Condition removed from conditional discharge The tribunal added a condition to the written reasons which was not stated at the hearing: "Abide by the rules applicable to such accommodation in particular to sleep there every night and not to have overnight guests." There had been a clear error of law and the condition was removed: (a) the tribunal had failed to address in its decision why it had made the conditions it made; (b) it was required to provide a brief explanation; (c) it was also required to announce the conditions that the patient was subject to in exact terms, which was crucial given that the patient was being conditionally discharged immediately. [First-tier Tribunal decisions are useful but not binding.]


Thanks to Karen Wolton (Wolton & Co Solicitors) for providing the decision.


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Date: 9/9/20🔍

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