Re Clarke [2012] EWHC 2714 (COP), [2012] MHLO 108

Michael Clarke objected to the deputy selling of his elderly mother's (Ann Clarke's) house to pay for future care as he considered it to be his. (1) No party asked for an oral hearing and the judge was satisfied that there was nothing to be gained by that. (2) Thre was a balance to be struck between the consequences of (a) retaining the property and leaving Ann Clarke on a low income, or (b) selling the property and maintaining a higher standard of living for Ann Clarke until the funds are exhausted, with her having no familiar home and, if she lived long enough, no money either. (3) Mrs Clarke's Blackpool property shall not be sold or charged during her lifetime without an order of this Court. (4) The deputyship was therefore discharged. (5) Publication of the judgments was authorised as, given Michael Clarke's comprehensive and long-standing breaches of his mother's entitlement to privacy, the court's reasons should be made known.

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