R (LV) v SSJ [2013] EWCA Civ 1086

MHT/PB delay The applicant had been given an IPP sentence then transferred to hospital under s47/49. On 12/12/11 the MHT decided she met the criteria for conditional discharge. The dossier reached the Parole Board on 29/3/12, and the hearing was arranged for 12/3/13. She claimed a breach of Article 5(4) during: (a) the period before the dossier was ready, when no judicial body was responsible for supervising her progress and the potentiality for release, and (b) the subsequent long period until the Parole Board met. The Court of Appeal gave permission to apply for judicial review (being simpler than giving permission to appeal the High Court's refusal of permission to apply for judicial review).


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  • Deprivation of liberty🔍
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Date: 18/7/13🔍

Court: Court of Appeal (Civil Division)🔍



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  • Secretary of State for Justice🔍

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  • [2013] EWCA Civ 1086Not on Bailii!
  • [2013] MHLO 82

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