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Practice Direction: MHRT for Wales: Coronavirus COVID-19 (2/10/20)

2020-10 MHRT for Wales Coronavirus PD.pdf

Welsh tribunal coronavirus PD This practice direction sets out the procedure for a period of 6 months, in the same terms as the March 2020 version. (1) During the pandemic, preliminary medical examinations will not be "practicable" owing to health risk. (2) Hearings will be held by telephone or video, unless dispensed with entirely (when a hearing would be impractical or involve undesirable delay, sufficient evidence is available to decide without a hearing, and this would not be detrimental to the health of the patient). (3) Tribunals will continue ordinarily to comprise three members, unless this is impractical or would involve undesirable delay, in which case a legal member may sit alone or with one other member.


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Type: Tribunal guidance🔍

Title: Practice Direction: MHRT for Wales: Coronavirus COVID-19

Author: Williams, Wyn🔍 · Kirby, Carolyn🔍 · MHRT for Wales🔍

Date: October 2020🔍

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