PFZ v West London MH NHS Trust (2011) Settlement 28/11/11

PFZ, an informal patient with a long history of mental illness, was allowed to run away from hospital in a suicidal state, then jumped from a balcony sustaining and permanent and catastrophic spinal cord injury which left him tetraplegic and wheelchair-bound. He sued the Trust for negligent failure to provide him with adequate treatment. The Trust agreed to compensate him on the basis of 40% liability, and made an advance payment of £75,000; the full amount was yet to be assessed but to meet PFZ's care needs for the remainder of his life was estimated to require millions of pounds.


Summary based on Lexis Current Awareness and Solicitor's website.


Mrs Justice Swift approved the settlement.

Christopher Johnston QC acted for PFZ

Angus McCullough QC acted for the NHS Trust.

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LNB News, 'Injured Mental Health Patient Awarded Multi-Million-Pound Settlement from NHS' (30/11/2011 112) (subscription only)

Stewarts Law, 'Vulnerable mental patient to receive compensation following a spinal cord injury' (29/11/11)