NOMS, 'Licence conditions, licences, and licence and supervision notices' (PSI 12/2015, updated 18/1/21)

Licence conditions "This Instruction updates the arrangements for the application of standard and additional licence conditions for offenders being released on licence following the creation of the National Probation Service and the Community Rehabilitation Companies. It also updates advice on the setting of conditions as well as updating the menu of additional conditions available, and adds the templates for licence and supervision notices to be used for offenders sentenced under the changes to be introduced under the Offender Rehabilitation Act 2014. It also includes a breakdown of who is responsible for approving additional conditions for each type of sentence. This instruction also introduces the new licence conditions for polygraph examinations for sex offenders."

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Type: Prison Service Instruction🔍

Title: Licence conditions, licences, and licence and supervision notices

Author: National Offender Management Service🔍

Date: 18/1/21🔍

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