NHS England, 'Care Programme Approach: NHS England position statement' (v2.0, 1/3/22)

2022-03-01 NHS England CPA position statement.pdf

Future of CPA "The Community mental health framework replaced the Care Programme Approach (CPA) for community mental health services. It enables services to shift away from an inequitable, rigid and arbitrary CPA classification and bring up the standard of care towards a minimum universal standard of high-quality care for everyone in need of community mental healthcare."

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The NHS web page states "Document first published: 7 July 2021" (maybe this was v1.0) and "Page updated: 19 August 2022" (maybe this is when they published v2.0 dated 1/3/22).


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Type: Health guidance🔍

Title: Care Programme Approach: NHS England position statement

Organisation: NHS England🔍

Date: 1/3/22🔍

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