Ministry of Justice, 'Tough new measures to bolster landmark victims' law' (press release, 9/4/24)

Victims and the MHT The government has proposed amendments to the Victims and Prisoners Bill 2022 which would mean that victims could make a Victim Impact Statement during the Mental Health Tribunal process. There would also be a duty placed on police and criminal justice agencies to deliver services in relation to the exiting duty to inform victims of their rights, and this duty would be overseen by the Victims' Commissioner.


Thanks to Julian Hendy (Hundred Families charity) for informing me about this developmment.


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Type: Press release🔍

Title: Tough new measures to bolster landmark victims

Author: Farris, Laura🔍 · Chalk, Alex🔍 · Argar, Edward🔍

Organisation: Ministry of Justice🔍

Date: April 2024🔍

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