Mental Health Tribunal, 'Message from the Deputy Chamber President' (2/4/20)

MHT coronavirus update This message includes the following information: (1) the tribunal is prioritising urgent hearings; (2) the administration should only be contacted if necessary; (3) the tribunal cannot currently make directions for reports.

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From the Deputy Chamber President, Judge Johnston

We are working hard to ensure access to justice for the parties. We know you appreciate that these are extraordinary times.

Our administrative capacity is limited in all areas. We are prioritising urgent hearings. We will list hearings as soon as possible.

We would appreciate it if you only contacted our administration where necessary. This ensures that we can do the work we have with our limited staffing levels. I am sure you all will understand the incredible work and commitment during this time from our administrative staff.

We do not have the capacity to direct reports that have not been submitted at present. Any work you can do to help us would help ensure earlier listing.

Many thanks and I hope you are all being careful.


Type: Tribunal guidance🔍

Title: Message from the Deputy Chamber President

Author: Mental Health Tribunal🔍 · Johnston, Sarah🔍

Publication: Mental Health Tribunal🔍

Date: 2/4/20🔍

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