Mental Health Casework Section, 'Guidance: Medical Leave for Restricted Patients' (February 2021)

Medical leave guidance "This document sets out the arrangements that apply for restricted patients detained in psychiatric hospitals who are required to attend general hospitals, dentists, opticians or other designated medical facilities for appointments or procedures for their physical health." Alternative title: "Medical Leave Guidance" ( web page).

Related documents

The introduction to this document states that it is intended to supplement Mental Health Casework Section, 'Section 17 - leave of absence' (December 2020) and should be read in conjunction with HMPPS, 'Mentally disordered offenders - the restricted patient system' (22/12/17). All three documents were added to the main "Working with restricted patients" collection on 8/3/21.

An older document is Natalya O'Prey, 'Authority to use medical leave' (Dear Colleague letter from MHCS to all hospitals detaining restricted patients, 18/4/19). It remains on the website but was removed from the main "Working with restricted patients" collection on 5/3/21. It now says "This publication was withdrawn on 21 December 2021: Guidance no longer current policy". The February 2021 guidance states that it "formalises and replaces the arrangements for medical leave" set out in that letter.


Word document created 1/3/21. Front page dated "February 2021". Published 5/3/21.