Mental Health Act 2007 (Consequential Amendments) Order 2008

This Order amends Acts and SIs as a consequence of the Mental Health Act 2007.

Extract from Explanatory Note

The purpose of this Order is to make amendments to certain Acts and Statutory Instruments as a consequence of the enactment of the Mental Health Act 2007 ( “the 2007 Act”).

Article 1 provides for citation and commencement. While the majority of the Order comes into force on 3 November 2008, amendments consequential on the repeal of provisions of the Mental Health Act 1983 ( “the 1983 Act”) that deal with after care under supervision ( “ACUS”) will not come into force until 4th May 2009, the day after the day on which ACUS classification will end.


Full text:

Type: UK Statutory Instrument🔍

Year: 2008🔍

Number: 2828

Subject: Mental Health Act 2007 secondary legislation - England and Wales🔍

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