Mental Health (Patients in the Community) Act 1995

"An Act to make provision for certain mentally disordered patients in England and Wales to receive after-care under supervision after leaving hospital; to provide for the making of community care orders in the case of certain mentally disordered patients in Scotland; to amend the law relating to mentally disordered patients absent without leave or on leave of absence from hospital; and for connected purposes."


Section 1 of this Act inserts s25A, s25B, s25C, s25D, s25E, s25F, s25G, s25H, s25I and s25J MHA 1983.

Section 2 amends s18 and s22, substitutes a new s21, inserts s21A and s21B, amends s22, s40, s61, s66, s68 and MHA 1983 sched 1.

Section 3 amends s17 and Sched 1 Part II para 3(c).

Schedule 1 amends s24, s32, s33, s34, s41, s66, s67, s68, s72, s76, s77, s79, s117, s118, s126, s127, s129, s145 and sched 1 MHA 1983.