Legal Aid Agency, 'Form CW 1&2 MH' (v15, 1/2/21)

2021-02-01 Form CW1 and 2 MH v15.pdf

Mental health Legal Aid form This is an amended version of the form to reflect the removal of the mortgage cap as part of the means test for civil Legal Aid. Under Total Net Equity the text reads "Deduct the full amount of any debt secured by a mortgage or charge on the property." instead of "The maximum disregard allowable is capped at £100,000 for all outstanding mortgages/loans covering all property held. You must carry out the calculation of total net equity on 'other property' before 'main home' (i.e. use the mortgage disregard on other property first)." Superseded by Legal Aid Agency, 'Form CW 1&2 MH' (v16, 24/11/21).


The website notes "Corrected version of the CW1&2 form uploaded" for 1/2/21.

The PDF available here and on the website is dated 1/2/21 but the footer still says "January 2021".


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Type: Legal Aid resource🔍

Title: Form CW 1&2 MH

Author: Legal Aid Agency🔍

Date: 1/2/21🔍

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