Legal Aid Agency, 'Form CW 1&2 MH' (original v18, August 2023)

2023-08 LAA Form CW1 and 2 MH v18 original.pdf

Mental health Legal Aid form For use from 3/8/23. LAA update notes: "Published new version of the CW1&2 MH form for phase 1 of the Means Test Review". This form was only online from 3/8/23 to 13/8/23 inclusive. Superseded by: Legal Aid Agency, 'Form CW 1&2 MH' (amended v18, August 2023).

See also

  • New forms. Legal Aid Agency, 'Civil news: changes to civil legal aid forms' (3/7/23) — New forms will come into force on 3/8/23 and will appear on the website on the same day. Previous versions will be accepted up to 3/9/23. The following forms will be changed: CW1, CW1&2 MH, CW2 (IMM), CW5, CIVAPP1, CIVAPP3, CIVAPP6, CIVMEANS3 and CIVMEANS7. Form CIVMEANS4 will be removed. The changes are a result of the Means Test Review (MTR).