Law Society, 'Mental Health Accreditation: Application and re-accreditation application forms guidance notes and policies' (dated 5/12/18)

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This document contains updated guidance on the professional development requirements for panel membership. Dated: December 2018. Metadata: created 5/12/18. Downloaded 7/12/18. Filename: mental-health-accreditation-guidance-december-2018.pdf

Updated guidance on CPD

Additional Guidance on PD:

The Mental Health Accreditation covers the representation of patients in all proceedings before the First-Tier Tribunals (Mental Health) under the Mental Health Act 1983, as amended.

The current guidance notes for initial applications require applicants to provide evidence that they have gained 6 PD hours in the last completed PD year in the subject area of mental health law. For re-accreditation, all members of the scheme are required to ensure that they completed at least 6 PD hours in the subject area of mental health law for each of the three years of accreditation. We recognise that considering only completed PD years results in some training not being taken into account. In order to continue supporting our members, we have therefore moved to accepting the last 3 years of PD hours, at the point of application.

For the avoidance of doubt, when referring to training in the subject area of mental health law we are referring to training and courses which contribute directly to representing clients in the First-Tier Tribunals (Mental Health). We recognise that there is an overlap between mental health law and other areas such as mental capacity and community care. In order to accommodate applicants we will accept 2 PD hours from other related areas. This includes for example courses related to developing knowledge and skill for representing clients before the First-Tier Tribunals (Mental Health) but which are not directly attributable to such representation. Applicants should provide details on the PD form as to how the training is related and how it improves their ability to act in the First-Tier Tribunals.

In house training is acceptable as structured training provided it meets the following criteria:

  • There is an organised program of learning
  • There are clearly defined learning objectives

This should be evidence in detail on the PD form and/or the provision of the training material.

We understand that for members applying shortly they may not be able to meet the requirement for the last 3 years. For those members, please submit an explanation on your PD form with your application.


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