Katherine Garratt and Judy Laing, 'Reforming the Mental Health Act' (House of Commons Library research briefing CBP-9132, 6/6/22)

2022-06-06 HOC Library Reforming the MHA.pdf

MHA reform "The Government’s white paper on Reforming the Mental Health Act, published on 13 January 2021, contains wide-ranging proposals to reform the Mental Health Act 1983 (as amended in 2007) in England and Wales. This briefing outlines the background to the reforms, some of the main proposals in the white paper and initial reactions. It also outlines the Government’s response to a consultation on the white paper proposals."

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Type: Document🔍

Title: Reforming the Mental Health Act

Author: Garratt, Katherine🔍 · Laing, Judith🔍

Publication: House of Commons Library🔍

Date: 6/6/22🔍

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