How to edit pages

Note that you can only edit pages if you are registered as a contributor.

Where you see "edit this page" or "+" symbols you can click on them to edit or add text to pages. The following notes explain how to make more complicated edits.

To make a link to an internet site:

  • just type the address including the initial 'http://', e.g. type to display
  • or enter the address in square brackets followed by a description, e.g. [ Tribunal website] to display Tribunal website

To make a link to a page on this site:

  • Use double square brackets around its name: type [[MHA 1983]] into the page to display MHA 1983.
  • To link to a MHA 1983 section, use a page name like [[s10]] to display s10
  • For Tribunal rules, use [[Tribunal rule 10]] (English rules), [[Welsh Tribunal rule 10]] or [[Upper Tribunal rule 10]] as appropriate - e.g. Tribunal rule 10.

To add a new page, either:

To categorise a page, type - at the bottom of the page - [[Category:Miscellaneous]] to add a case to Category:Miscellaneous.

Surround text with two ' marks to make it italic: type ''word'' to display word.

Sourround text with three ' marks to make it bold: type '''word''' to display word.

Begin a line with a colon to indent it.

Surround a line with two = marks to make a main heading: e.g. ==How to contribute==

Surround a line with three = marks to make a sub-heading: e.g. ===Sub-heading===

See Wikipedia's "cheatsheat" on editing pages for further details.