Health Authorities Act 1995

"An Act to abolish Regional Health Authorities, District Health Authorities and Family Health Services Authorities, require the establishment of Health Authorities and make provision in relation to Health Authorities and Special Health Authorities and for connected purposes." Schedule 1 para 107 amends s23, s24, s32, s39, s65, s79, s117, s121, s134, s139, s140, s143 and s145 MHA 1983. Schedule 2 para 15 relates to s65 MHA 1983. Schedule 3 repeals s39(2), sched 4 para 47(f) and sched 5 para 46.


Full text:

Type: UK Public General Act🔍

Year: 1995🔍

Number: 17

Subject: Legislation amending MHA 1983🔍

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