HMPPS, 'MAPPA Guidance' (March 2023)

2023-03 HMPPS MAPPA Guidance.pdf

MAPPA guidance "This Guidance on MAPPA has been issued by the Secretary of State for Justice under the CJA 2003 in order to help the relevant agencies in dealing with MAPPA offenders. These agencies are required to have regard to the Guidance (so they need to demonstrate and record their reasons if they depart from it)." This is the latest version on but chapter 24 was updated in September 2023: HMPPS, 'MAPPA Guidance' (dated March 2023, updated 13/9/23).

File versions

The original available on is a Word document. The version here is a PDF created from that Word document.


On 23/9/23, the March 2023 version is the most up to date version on, but is not the latest version in existence as chapter 24 was updated in September 2023 (see the Obsolete Guidance page of the website).


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Type: Guidance🔍

Title: MAPPA Guidance

Organisation: HM Prison and Probation Service🔍

Date: March 2023🔍

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