HMCTS, 'Minimum requirements for tribunal hearings to be held in hospitals' (11/4/18)

2018-04-11 Minimum Requirements for Tribunal Hearings to be held in Hospitals.pdf

Requirements imposed on hospitals This document states that "[a] hearing room is as essential to a psychiatric hospital as an operating theatre is to a surgical hospital" and that if hospitals do not adhere to the minimum requirements or obtain a written exemption then the tribunal "may consider holding its judicial hearings elsewhere". The main headings are (1) Minimum standards of safety and security, and (2) Minimum requirements for facilities and amenities. Superseded by Mental Health Tribunal, 'Minimum security requirements and amenities for tribunal hearing rooms in hospitals' (June 2022).

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Type: Tribunal guidance🔍

Title: Minimum requirements for tribunal hearings to be held in hospitals

Organisation: HM Courts and Tribunals Service🔍

Date: 11/4/18🔍

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