Evening Gazette, 'Canvey: Cash damages for patient “an insult”' (4/12/00)

False imprisonment damages claim The defendant's offer was rejected, so the case was to proceed to a jury trial.


...Gary Huzzey is claiming compensation for false imprisonment after winning a High Court battle over his "unlawful and irrational" detention.

He revealed that Riverside Mental Health Trust has now offered him £30,000 to settle out of court. The figure was double that offered last month.

Mr Huzzey, of Thameside Crescent, said: "I gracefully turned it down because it is an insult."

He will now have his case heard by a jury in February to set the level of compensation he should be awarded...


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Title: Canvey: Cash damages for patient “an insult”


Publication: Evening Gazette🔍

Date: 4/12/00🔍

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