Ellen Lloyd, 'Case Summary: Lancashire CC v G (2020) EWHC 2828' (Bevan Brittan, 9/12/20)

Shortage of secure accommodation This article discusses the court's approach to deprivation of liberty of children in unregulated non-secure accommodation. Headings include: (1) Practical impact; (2) What is the difference between secure and non-secure accommodation, regulated and unregulated?; (3) What should a Court consider when determining an application for a secure accommodation order?; (4) What happens if there is no secure accommodation available?


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Type: Case summary🔍

Title: Case Summary: Lancashire CC v G (2020) EWHC 2828

Author: Lloyd, Ellen🔍

Publication: Bevan Brittan🔍

Date: 9/12/20🔍

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