Elaine Lillian McDowell [2022] MHLO 5 (SWE)

Social worker removed The social worker had carried out an inappropriate emergency transfer of a resident from extra-care housing, where the resident had been happy, to a nursing home, where she was less happy, without consulting staff, and without even allowing the resident time to finish her meal; had, in an attempt to justify that decision, made false records, including that a capacity assessment and best interests decision had taken place and that family members were in support; had visited the resident too frequently; had attempted to obtain the resident's PIN number; had allowed her own family members to be paid by the resident, and had dishonestly denied that a person she allowed to deliver support was her daughter. The Social Work England fitness to practice panel imposed an 18-month interim suspension order to cover the appeal period (the social worker had not so far participated) and a removal order to take effect thereafter.


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Date: 6/11/22🔍

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  • Elaine Lillian McDowell🔍

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