DP v South Tyneside DC (2011) Admin Court 14/7/11

It was not practicable to consult the nearest relative because (1) DP was perceived to be potentially at risk from him (forced marriage/death) and (2) consultation was not possible without disclosing DP's location (the duty of consultation not being one of mere notification): therefore the application for habeas corpus was refused.


Hearing: 14/7/11

Before: Mitting J

Bridget Dolan (instructed by Hadaway & Hadaway) for the applicant

John O'Sullivan (instructed by In-house solicitor) for the first respondent

Vikram Sachdeva (instructed by Beachcroft) for the second defendant


DP v (1) South Tyneside District Council (2) Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust


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