DL-H v West London MH NHS Trust [2017] UKUT 387 (AAC)

Religious beliefs and tribunal expertise Judicial summary from Gov.uk website: (1) "In deciding whether a patient is manifesting religious beliefs or mental disorder, a tribunal is entitled to take account of evidence from both religious and medical experts." (2) "A tribunal is entitled to use its own expertise to make a different diagnosis from those of the medical witnesses, provided it allows the parties a chance to make submissions and explains its decision."


This case was summarised in Mind, 'Legal Newsletter' (March 2018) under the heading "DL-H v West London Mental Health Trust & Another (2017) UKUT387 (AAC)".

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Full judgment: BAILII


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Date: 28/9/17🔍

Court: Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber)🔍



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