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Case and summary Date added Categories
B v Croydon Health Authority [1995] Fam 133(1) Medical treatment for mental disorder under s63 includes treatment of the symptoms of the disorder (as well as the disorder itself) and includes a range of acts ancillary to the core treatment; (2) on the facts, nasogastric feeding was treatment ancillary to treatment for psychopathic disorder. 2011‑05‑29 15:05:04 1995 cases, Brief summary, Challenges to compulsory treatment, Judgment available on MHLO, Judgment missing from Bailii, Transcript

Re S-C (Mental Patient: Habeas Corpus) [1995] EWCA Civ 60 — Habeas corpus. 2011‑05‑26 18:40:35 1995 cases, Judgment available on Bailii, No summary, Transcript, Unlawful detention cases

R (Martins) v Cannons Park MHRT (1995) 26 BMLR 134The eligibility of an un-recalled conditionally discharged patient to apply to the Tribunal under s75(2) is calculated, not from the date of a deferred conditional discharge decision, but from the date of actual release from detention in hospital under conditional discharge. 2010‑09‑27 22:21:28 1995 cases, Brief summary, Deferred conditional discharge cases, Judgment available offline, Judgment missing from Bailii, No transcript