Criminal Procedure (Insanity) Act 1964

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The CPIA 1964 was amended on 31/3/05 Domestic Violence Crime and Victims Act 2004. Both the old and the updated text is available here.

Law as at 1/5/09


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Schedules: 1, 2, 3, 4

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CPIA 1964 s1 - Acquittal on grounds of insanity

CPIA 1964 s2 - Appeal against special verdict [Repealed]

CPIA 1964 s3 - Supplementary provisions where appeal against special verdict allowed [Repealed]

CPIA 1964 s4 - Finding of unfitness to plead.

CPIA 1964 s4A - Finding that the accused did the act or made the omission charged against him

CPIA 1964 s5 - Powers to deal with persons not guilty by reason of insanity or unfit to plead etc.

CPIA 1964 s5A - Orders made under or by virtue of section 5

CPIA 1964 s6 - Evidence by prosecution of insanity or diminished responsibility

CPIA 1964 s7 - Courts-martial [repealed]

CPIA 1964 s8 - Short title, interpretation, commencement, extent and repeals


CPIA 1964 sch 1 - Effect of Orders for Admission to Hospital [repealed]

CPIA 1964 sch 1A - Supervision orders

CPIA 1964 sch 2 - Amendments relating to Courts-Martial [repealed]


Criminal Procedure (Insanity) Act 1964
1964 c.84

An Act to amend the form of the special verdict required by section 2 of the Trial of Lunatics Act 1883 and the procedure for determining whether an accused person is under a disability such as to constitute a bar to his being tried; to provide for an appeal against such a special verdict or a finding that the accused is under such a disability; to confer on the court of trial and the Court of Criminal Appeal further powers of making orders for admission to hospital; to empower the prosecution to put forward evidence of insanity or diminished responsibility; and for purposes connected with the matters aforesaid.

[31st July 1964]