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CPD scheme MHA/MCA breakdown

Since October 2015, each test in the CPD scheme has been either MHA- or MCA-related, in alternate months.

Before then, each test was a mixture of both. To assist with applications to the Law Society's mental health accreditation scheme, the number of MHA-related questions for each test (out of a total of 8) is set out below. See Law Society mental health accreditation scheme - CPD requirements for further details.


January: 5

February: 5

February-March: 4

April: 3

May: 4

June-July: 1

July: 6

August: 5

September: 6

October: 4

November: 4

December: 4


January: 6

February-March: 3

March: 5

April: 4

May: 4

June: 1

July: 8

August: 2

September: 4

October: 3

November: 6

December: 2


January: 2

February: 5

March: 2

April: 6

May: 6

June: 5

July: 2

August: 8

September: 2

October: MCA

November: MHA

December: MHA


January: MCA

Jan-Feb: MHA

Feb-Mar: MCA

Apr-May: MHA

Apr-May: MCA

June: MCA

Jun-Jul: MCA

August: MHA

Sep-Oct: MCA

Oct-Nov: MHA

Nov-Dec: MCA

Dec 2016-Jan 2017: MHA


Jan-Feb: MCA

Feb-Mar: MHA

Mar-Apr: MCA

Apr-May: MHA

May-Jun: MCA

Jun-Jul: MHA

Jul-Aug: MCA

Aug-Sep: MHA

Oct-Nov: MHA

Dec 2017-Jan 2018: MHA


Feb-Mar: MHA

Apr-May: MHA

Jun-Jul: MHA

Aug-Sep: MHA

To be continued...