Alex Ruck Keene, 'Bulk tenancy applications' (Court of Protection Handbook, 21/10/16)

Bulk tenancy applications This blog post notes that any application in relation to bulk tenancy applications will now be met with the following response: "The previous guidance, which was drawn up following an approach by the Association of Public Authority Deputies and other court users, has been withdrawn. That had indicated that the court was prepared to deal with all of the adults required to sign the tenancy agreement(s) in a single bulk application. Attention has been drawn to the fact that the Court of Protection Rules 2007 make no provision for bulk applications to be made. It is not possible, as the rules stand at present, to entertain an application made on that basis."


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Type: Blog post🔍

Title: Bulk tenancy applications

Author: Ruck Keene, Alex🔍

Publication: Court of Protection Handbook🔍

Date: 21/10/16🔍

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