Aasya Mughal and Steven Richards, 'MHA and MCA case law summary sheet' (Edge Training, June 2021)

2021-06 MHA and MCA case law sheet.pdf

Short case law summaries This five-page document contains short summaries of cases under the following headings: (1) surgery; (2) covert medication; (3) pregnancy and caesarean section; (4) mental capacity to consent to admission or accommodation; (5) anorexia nervosa - MHA or MCA? (6) use or weigh information; (7) personality disorder; (8) religious delusions and mental capacity; (9) sexual relations; (10) fluctuating capacity; (11) self-neglect; (12) DoLS for the objecting patient in a care home, and prescription of clozapine; (13) alcohol use and the MCA; (14) 17 year old in hospital and neither MHA or DoLS apply; (15) dialysis as a treatment for mental disorder under the MHA; (16) Mental Health Act or DoLS when admitting a person to a MH hospital; (17) Leave of absence (MHA) and DoLS; (18) Guardianship and DoLS; (19) Community Treatment Orders (CTO) and DoLS; (20) Conditional Discharge and DoLS.


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Title: MHA and MCA case law summary sheet

Author: Mughal, Aasya🔍 · Richards, Steven🔍

Publication: Edge Training🔍

Date: 1/6/21🔍

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