ARF v SSHD [2017] EWHC 10 (QB)

Immigration Unlawful immigration detention.


"In this case the Claimant claims damages for unlawful detention between 31 August 2011 and 22 January 2014 (save for a period when she was in prison on remand between 25 October 2011 and 15 December 2011). She was detained by the Defendant under section 2 (2) and (3) of Schedule 3 to the Immigration Act 1971 throughout this period pending the making and enforcement of a deportation order. She was detained in two psychiatric facilities following her transfer pursuant to section 48 of the Mental Health Act 1983 between 11 October 2012 and 22 January 2014. Although initially disputed, the Defendant now accepts that when she was detained under the mental health legislation the Claimant was simultaneously detained under her immigration powers. The Claimant argues that her total period of detention was unlawful and puts forward four bases for this contention. Firstly, at common law pursuant to the Hardial Singh principles it is argued that: she was detained when there was no reasonable prospect of her deportation; she was detained for longer than necessary; and no steps were taken to expedite her deportation. Secondly, it is argued that there was a public law error in the failure to apply policy properly or at all under Chapter 55.10 (Enforcement Instructions and Guidance) primarily because the Claimant was suffering from a serious mental illness, but also because there was evidence that she had been both trafficked and tortured and so should have been considered suitable for detention only in very exceptional circumstances. Thirdly, it is argued that the circumstances of her detention whilst suffering severe mental illness gave rise to breaches of the Claimant's human rights under Articles 3 and 8. Finally, it is argued that the report of trafficking was not investigated timeously or at all such as to give rise to a breach of Article 4. ... For the avoidance of doubt, I therefore find that the Claimant's detention was unlawful at common law under the Hardial Singh principles from 30 June 2012 (see paragraphs 133 and 137 above). I find that her detention was unlawful by reason of public law error in relation to her report of torture in the Rule 35 report from 2 weeks from the date of receipt of that report, that is 16 March 2012 (see paragraph 144 above) and in respect of her mental illness from receipt of the last of the Part C reports in May 2012 (see paragraph 141 above). I find that. as somebody suffering from serious mental illness, aspects of the Claimant's detention from mid May 2012 amounted to a breach of her Article 3 rights (see paragraph 148 above)."


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Full judgment: BAILII


Date: 12/1/17🔍

Court: High Court (Queen's Bench Division)🔍



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