39 Essex Chambers, 'Mental Capacity Report' (issue 93, April 2019)

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Mental capacity law newsletter "Highlights this month include: (1) In the Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty Report: an update on the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill; the DoLS backlog and the obligations on local authorities; capacity and social media (again); best interests and the ‘institutional echo;’ and judicial endorsement of the BMA/RCP guidance on CANH. (2) In the Property and Affairs Report: a major new report on supported will-making; (3) In the Practice and Procedure Report: a pilot designed to get the Accredited Legal Representatives scheme further off the starting block; the need for the early involvement of the court in medical treatment cases; transparency and committal; and DNA testing and the courts; (4) In the Wider Context Report: oral care and learning disability; important consultations on criminal procedure/sentencing and those with mental disorders; the dangers of assessing in a vacuum; and a round-up of recent useful research articles. (5) In the Scotland Report: major developments regarding the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Scotland Act, the Adults with Incapacity Act and the Adult Support and Protection Act and a Scottish perspective on the English MHA review and compliance with the CRPD."


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Type: Newsletter🔍

Title: Mental Capacity Report

Author: Ruck Keene, Alex🔍 · Butler-Cole, Victoria🔍 · Allen, Neil🔍 · Lee, Annabel🔍 · Kohn, Nicola🔍 · Scott, Katie🔍 · Barnes, Katherine🔍 · Edwards, Simon🔍 · Ward, Adrian🔍 · Stavert, Jill🔍

Organisation: 39 Essex Chambers🔍

Date: April 2019🔍

Issue: 93

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