39 Essex Chambers, 'Mental Capacity Law Newsletter' (issue 69, October 2016)

Essex newsletter 69.pdf

Mental capacity law newsletter "Highlights this month include: (1) In the Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty Newsletter: getting tangled up in ineligibility, survey and statistical data relating to DOLS and news of a new COPDOL10 form; (2) In the Property and Affairs Newsletter: deputies and remuneration, capacity and influence, and updates from the OPG; (3) In the Practice and Procedure Newsletter: participation of P, extending the great safety net abroad, the limits of the coercive power of the inherent jurisdiction, and an expert beyond bounds; (4) In the Capacity outside the COP Newsletter: a report from the World Guardianship Congress, a new Jersey capacity law and a report on what Singapore can teach us about the MCA 2005; (5) In the Scotland Newsletter: case notes shedding light on practice in relation to adults with incapacity, new MWC reports and new supervision practices by the OPG."


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Type: Newsletter🔍

Title: Mental Capacity Law Newsletter

Author: Ruck Keene, Alex🔍 · Butler-Cole, Victoria🔍 · Allen, Neil🔍 · Lee, Annabel🔍 · Bicarregui, Anna🔍 · Edwards, Simon🔍 · Ward, Adrian🔍 · Stavert, Jill🔍 · Taylor, Beverley🔍

Organisation: 39 Essex Chambers🔍

Date: October 2016🔍

Issue: 69

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