2023-07-24 New subcategory and notification structure on forum

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23/07/23: New subcategory and notification structure on forum — To make forum navigation easier, the main "Law and practice" category now has four subcategories: (a) Mental Capacity Act; (b) Mental Health Act; (c) Mental Health Tribunal; and (d) Other. The Law and practice page still shows topics from all the new subcategories. Links to the subcategory pages appear in the sidebar menu. The default notification setting is "watching first post" for each subcategory, but you could choose to have different settings for each subcategory. For instance, if you are a Court of Protection lawyer you might want to keep Mental Capacity Act at "watching first post" but change the others to "normal" so that you don't get sent any notifications about them. The Updates category has been structured similarly, with MHLO updates and MHLO monthly updates as subcategories, but with "normal" being the default notification setting. Visit the forum to see it in action.