2021-01-05 New CW 1&2 MH form

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05/01/21: New CW 1&2 MH form — On 23/12/20 version 14 of this form was uploaded to the Gov.uk website with the following notice: "Published new versions of the CW1&2 and CW4 with updated privacy notices. These changes are part of our preparations for exiting the European Union once the transition period ends on 31/12/20." Para 3.12 of the 2018 Standard Civil Contract Specification states: "We may amend the Application Forms from time to time upon giving at least 28 days' notice to you." As in the past, if no notice was given to you of this change at the time then you should expect the LAA to commence the 28-day period from when notification under the contract was belatedly made. See Legal Aid forms