[2018] IJMHCL pages 1-77

IHMHCL fifth issue The fifth issue of the International Journal of Mental Health and Capacity Law (volume 24) contains the following: (1) Editorial (Daniel Wang, Alex Ruck Keene, Ruth Fletcher, Catherine Penny, Richard Ashcroft); (2) Letters to the Editor: (a) Rejoinder (Response to article by Christopher Maylea and Christopher Ryan) (Matthew Carroll); (b) Response to Carroll, President of the Victorian Mental Health Tribunal (Christopher Maylea, Christopher James Ryan); (3) The 'Tricky Dance' of Advocacy: A study of non-legal Mental Health Advocacy (Wanda Bennetts, Christopher Maylea, Brian McKenna, Helen Makregiorgos); (4) The Right to Independent Living and being included in the Community: Lessons from the United Nations (Piers Gooding); (5) Psychosocial Disability and Deprivation of Liberty: Reviewing the case of Qatar in the light of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Patricia Cuenca Gómez, María del Carmen Barranco Avilés, Pablo Rodríguez del Pozo).


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Title: [2018] IJMHCL pages 1-77

Organisation: International Journal of Mental Health and Capacity Law🔍

Date: 2018🔍

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