[2017] IJMHCL pages 84-149

IHMHCL fourth issue The fourth issue of the International Journal of Mental Health and Capacity Law (volume 23) contains the following: (1) Editorial (Jill Stavert); (2) Decision-making capacity and the Victorian Mental Health Tribunal Christopher Maylea, Christopher James Ryan); (3) What makes a 'good' conference from a service user perspective? (Sarah Gordon, Kris Gledhill); (4) Why futile and unwanted life-prolonging treatment continues for some patients in permanent vegetative states (and what to do about it): Case study, context and policy recommendations (Jenny Kitzinger, Celia Kitzinger); (5) Review: Melbourne Social Equity Institute, 'Unfitness to Plead and Indefinite Detention of Persons with Cognitive Disabilities'; and Justice, 'Mental Health and Fair Trial' (Kris Gledhill).


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Type: Journal🔍

Title: [2017] IJMHCL pages 84-149

Organisation: International Journal of Mental Health and Capacity Law🔍

Date: 2017🔍

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