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Category:Unimportant cases

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The pages below are initially ordered according to the dates on which they were added to the site (most recent first). The order can be changed by clicking on the symbol beside a column heading: click on the symbol beside "Page and summary" for alphabetical order; click beside "Categories" for the order in which the cases were reported. Click on the arrow symbol again to reverse the order. Click on a page name to view the relevant page.
Page and summaryDate added to siteCategories
R (Smith) v LB Camden (2011) EWCA Civ 1207 — Unsuccessful application for permission for second appeal against strike-out of claim for want of compliance with s139. (The claim was for damages of £100 billion for wrongful removal from his flat and for being forced to live in various mental health institutions where he claimed to have been assaulted many times.) 2011-11-142011 cases, Brief summary, Missing from Bailii, Transcript, Unimportant cases
R (WG) v Leicester City Council (2011) EWHC 189 (Admin) — This JR claim had been issued to challenge a failure to carry out an assessment under s47 NHSCCA 1990, but an assessment had subsequently been carried out and not identified any community care needs: (1) permission was therefore refused; (2) it was ordered that unless the claimant was prepared to identify herself she would not be able to bring any further legal actions. 2011-04-302011 cases, Brief summary, Transcript, Unimportant cases
R (WG) v Local Authority A (2010) EWHC 2608 (Admin) — Judicial review of failure to assess under s47 NHSCCA 1990. Claim stayed for three months, during which the local authority was to carry out the assessment and the claimant was to provide her identity to the court. 2011-04-302010 cases, Missing from Bailii, No summary, No transcript, Unimportant cases
R (G) v South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (2011) EWHC 747 (Admin) — The claimant sought judicial review of the NHS Trust and the Met police in relation to a proposed visit to his home. (1) A civil restraint order had been made after the JR application was made: so he did not need leave of the High Court to have the claim considered on the papers; however, he did need leave for this renewed application for permission. (2) On the merits, permission would have been refused because (a) it is not the function of the court to review operational decisions such as this, and (b) the claimant had not been detained so the points regarding the MHA were academic. (3) In any event, the civil restraint order was thoroughly appropriate and would not be discharged. 2011-04-102011 cases, Brief summary, Missing from Bailii, Transcript, Unimportant cases
R (Khela) v Brandon MH Unit (2010) EWHC 3313 (Admin) — This renewed application for permission to judicially review a Tribunal decision and to quash the RC's previous diagnosis was dismissed and the claim found to be totally without merit. 2010-12-192010 cases, Brief summary, Missing from Bailii, Transcript, Unimportant cases
Attorney General v Ratra (2003) EWHC 1291 (Admin) — Vexatious litigant. [Summary required.] 2010-09-272003 cases, No summary, Transcript, Unimportant cases
Re Rodrigues (1997) EWCA Civ 1630 — Unfounded habeas corpus application. 2009-04-111997 cases, No summary, Transcript, Unimportant cases
Warren v UK 36982/97 (1999) ECHR 186 — Detention under the MHA following an order made by a criminal court should be considered under Art 5(1)(e) ECHR. [MHLR.] 2009-04-101999 cases, Brief summary, ECHR, MHLR summary, Transcript, Unimportant cases
Re C (Mental Patient: Habeas Corpus) (2002) EWHC 243 (Admin) — The application for the issue of a writ of habeas corpus was premature and without any prospect of success; the proper course was to judicially review the Tribunal decision 2008-12-212002 cases, Detailed summary, Transcript, Unimportant cases
Graham v East London and City MH NHS Trust (2004) EWCA Civ 690 — No evidence of unlawful intent to deprive applicant of her liberty; application refused. 2008-09-132004 cases, Brief summary, Transcript, Unimportant cases
R (Warren) v Oxfordshire MHRT (1997) EWCA Civ 1311 — Application for leave to move refused (applicant appeared in person; no arguable grounds). 2008-09-131997 cases, No summary, Transcript, Unimportant cases
R (Baptiste) v Anglia and Oxfordshire Regional MHRT (1997) EWHC Admin 858 — Hearing adjourned. 2008-09-131997 cases, No summary, Transcript, Unimportant cases
R (Kalibala) v MHRT (1996) EWHC Admin 201 — Application for leave to move for judicial review adjourned (applicant appeared in person; grounds appeared "scurrilous and vexatious") 2008-09-131996 cases, Brief summary, Transcript, Unimportant cases