1996 cases

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Case and summary Date added Categories
R v Press Complaints Commission, ex parte Ian Stewart-Brady [1996] EWCA Civ 986 — "This is a renewed application for leave to apply for judicial review in relation to an adjudication of the Press Complaints Commission. ... The application arises out of a publication in The Sun newspaper on 26 July 1995. The publication contained an article relating to the applicant, Ian Brady, who was convicted of murder and is now a patient at the Ashworth Hospital. The effect of the article was that he was being treated in a way which was wholly inappropriate having regard to the very serious crimes which he had committed. No complaint, however, is made about the article. Although Mr Beloff certainly does not approve of its contents, he accepts that he cannot say that there was any justification for complaining about the article. His complaint is that the article has alongside it a substantial photograph of the applicant, albeit a photograph which is indistinct and does not show Mr Brady clearly. ... Looking at the matter as a whole, I do not think there is any prospect of this application succeeding and therefore I would dismiss it." 2018‑04‑27 1996 cases, Miscellaneous, No summary, Transcript

Law Hospital NHS Trust v Lord Advocate (1996) ScotCS CSIH 2 — "The purpose of these proceedings is to obtain the sanction of the court to the termination of nutrition and hydration and all other life sustaining treatment to a patient at Law Hospital." [Summary required.] 2009‑11‑30 1996 cases, Best interests, No summary, Scottish cases, Transcript

R v Disley v [1996] EWCA Crim 362 — Appeal against restriction order dismissed. 2009‑04‑11 1996 cases, No summary, Restriction order cases, Transcript

R (Kalibala) v MHRT [1996] EWHC Admin 201Application for leave to move for judicial review adjourned (applicant appeared in person; grounds appeared "scurrilous and vexatious") 2008‑09‑13 1996 cases, Brief summary, Missing from Bailii, Transcript, Unimportant cases

R (Evans) v Brockhill Prison [1996] EWHC Admin 234 — False imprisonment. 2008‑09‑12 1996 cases, Missing from Bailii, No summary, No transcript, Prison law cases