SM v Livewell Southwest CIC [2020] UKUT 191 (AAC)

Capacity to make tribunal application (1) This majority decision confirmed that the test for capacity to make a tribunal application stated in the VS case was correct (that the patient must understand that she is being detained against her wishes and that the First-tier Tribunal is a body that will be able to decide whether she should be released). (2) In a dissenting judgment Sarah Johnston DCP stated that the test should be: "Does the patient want to be free to leave?" (3) The Upper Tribunal decided (again by a majority) that tribunal panel had not erred in striking out the patient's case, and gave detailed procedural guidance, including on when the hospital managers, IMHA, or the tribunal itself should request the making of a reference.


Published on BAILII on 11/7/20.


Full judgment: BAILII


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