Mind, 'Legal Newsletter' (March 2020)

Mind's legal newsletter This newsletter contains news under the following headings: (1) Comprehensive mental health service for children still a long way off; (2) Making decisions for someone with fluctuating capacity; (3) National inquiry into the use of restraint in schools; (4) CQC monitoring the Mental Health Act in 2018/2019; (5) New guidance for the Court of Protection; (6) The meaning of "long-term" in the definition of disability; (7) Veganism - Equalities and Human Rights issues in mental health settings; (8) Deloitte highlight poor mental health which costs employers billions; (9) Can an incapacious patient still choose their solicitor? (10) New study about Community Treatment Orders


The documents and cases referred to in the newsletter include:

  • Children's Commissioner's third annual report into the state of children and young people’s mental health services
  • Cheshire West And Chester Council v PWK [2019] EWCOP 57B
  • Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)'s inquiry into the use of restraint in schools
  • CQC's 2018/19 MHA report
  • Serious Medical Treatment, Guidance [2020] EWCOP 2B
  • Tesco Stores Ltd v Mrs C Tennant: UKEAT/0167/19/OO
  • Costa v LACS ET case
  • Deliotte and Mind's report into monetary costs of poor mental health to UK employers
  • SB v South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust [2020] UKUT 33 (AAC)M
  • Barkhuizen et al, 'Community treatment orders and associations with readmission rates and duration of psychiatric hospital admission: a controlled electronic case register study' BMJ Open 2020;10:e035121


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