Tribunal Procedure Committee, 'Possible amendments to the Tribunal Procedure (FTT) (HESC) Rules 2008' (consultation about s2 listing, from 21/6/22 to 16/8/22)

2022-06-21 TPC Second s2 listing consultation.pdf

Longer listing window for s2 cases The tribunal always had 7 days to list s2 cases but during the coronavirus pandemic this was extended temporarily to 10 days. The consultation question is: "Do you agree that the proposed change to rule 37 of the HESC Rules, to permit section 2 MHA cases to be listed within 10 days of the date on which the MHT receives the application notice, should be made permanent? If not, why not?"


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Type: Consultation🔍

Title: Possible amendments to the Tribunal Procedure (FTT) (HESC) Rules 2008

Author: Tribunal Procedure Committee🔍

Date: 21/6/22🔍

Date closed: 16/8/22🔍

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