Specialist Support Services consultation

The LSC is consulting on their proposal to discontinue funding for the Specialist Support Service, as a result of conceding a judicial review of their decision to do so.

The specialist support service for mental health is run by Scott Moncrieff Solicitors, and is available from Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm, on 0844 800 3364.

Following the consultation process the LSC has decided to discontinue the Specialist Support Service. Contracts will end on 6/7/12.

Consultation page

Legal Aid Handbook Blog, 'LSC concede judicial review; specialist support reprieved' (1/3/12)

Legal Aid Handbook Blog, 'Weekly round up' (1/4/12)


Type: Consultation🔍


Author: Legal Services Commission🔍

Date: 30/3/12🔍

Date closed: 11/5/12🔍

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