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HMCTS, 'Frequently asked questions about hearing arrangements during the coronavirus pandemic' (July-August 2020) Coronavirus resource Tribunal guidance

FAQs about HESC hearings

There are FAQs about technology, hearings and mental health tribunals. (1) The technology questions are: (a) What is Kinly CVP? (b) How do I prepare for a Kinly CVP video hearing? (c) Can I test my connection beforehand? (d) I can’t connect to Kinly CVP from my laptop/computer. What do I do? (e) What browser is best for Kinly CVP on my laptop or PC? (f) Can I use a smartphone? (2) The hearings questions are: (a) What if I want a friend to support me at the hearing? (b) What if my hearing requires interpreters or British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters? (3) The mental health questions are: (a) I would prefer to have a face to face hearing; can this be arranged? (b) I want to see the tribunal doctor before the hearing - can this be arranged? (c) I am a community patient and I cannot afford to join the hearing; (d) I need a full day’s hearing; (e) I have had my case referred to the Tribunal but I don’t want to contest it. What should I do? [Unrepresented patients referred to the tribunal "should contact the HMCTS ... and let them know that you are not contesting"!]; (f) Are the hearings private? (g) How will I be given the decision?

HMCTS, 'HMCTS telephone and video hearings during coronavirus outbreak' (18/3/20) CQC guidance Coronavirus resource

Telephone and video hearing coronavirus guidance

This guidance on telephone and video technology has information under the following headings: (1) The decision to use telephone and video hearings; (2) Using existing technology and making new technology available; (3) The rules on using video and audio technology in courts; (4) Proposed legislation


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