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MHA 1983 s116

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Mental Health Act 1983
(as amended)

Law as at 19/11/11 unless otherwise stated under "Amendments" heading

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Mental Health Act 2007

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[The chapter/paragraph numbers which appear below (if any) refer to the 2008 versions of the Code of Practice and Reference Guide.]

  • Reference Guide to the Mental Health Act 1983, 19. Guardianship and guardianship orders [Note that the chapter number relates to the old Reference Guide], 36. Special provisions in relation to children and young people [Note that the chapter number relates to the old Reference Guide] — paragraphs 19.151 and 36.15 to 36.16


Welfare of certain hospital patients

116.—(1) Where a patient to whom this section applies is admitted to a hospital[, independent hospital or care home][1] in England and Wales (whether for treatment for mental disorder or for any other reason) then, without prejudice to their duties in relation to the patient apart from the provisions of this section, the authority shall arrange for visits to be made to him on behalf of the authority, and shall take such other steps in relation to the patient while in the hospital[, independent hospital or care home][1] as would be expected to be taken by his parents.

(2) This section applies to—

[(a) a child or young person—
(i) who is in the care of a local authority by virtue of a care order within the meaning of the Children Act 1989, or
(ii) in respect of whom the rights and powers of a parent are vested in a local authority by virtue of section 16 of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968;][2]
(b) a person who is subject to the guardianship of a local social services authority under the provisions of this Act [...];[3] or
(c) a person the functions of whose nearest relative under this Act [...][3] are for the time being transferred to a local social services authority.